An Ode To The Charting Woman by Sarah Bly

You have found it,
the gateway to a profound relationship to this body you live in,
a path to more fulfilling sex,
a love affair with your most succulent self.
There are no barriers between you and your sexuality,
you and your partner, you and your truth.
You make love flesh to flesh, heart to heart,
resting safely in trust of your body.
Your wisdom and connection are your allies in this freedom.

You are a participant in the permaculture of the body.
You follow the contour of the land, of your land,
listening to the calls of the creatures within,
whether it is the hiss of the snake climbing your spine
awaiting release
or the spicy roar of truth from the lioness standing her ground.

You are courageous,
a brave woman willing to tend to your wholeness,
not holding back, not afraid of your depths,
able to follow along with the movement of the seasons within you. You are wild, you are true.