The following classes take place annually at various venues in the Rogue Valley, as well as online using Google Hangouts. They are also available by request and can be customized to various audiences and demographics.

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Please inquire to schedule one of these in your community.

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)
This is a four class series in learning the charting practice. This is the full A-Z on women’s hormones and how to track them and use the information for your personal desires. It is ten hours worth of valuable material including anatomy and physiology, charting technique, rules for contraception, tips for conception, diet and lifestyle recommendations for hormonal health and plenty of time for questions and answers. You can view more of the course curriculum here. This class is also offered on-line.

Clinical Applications of FA based methods
This is a class designed for health care professionals in which I will outline the information necessary to introduce clients and patients to the practice of Fertility Awareness. You will leave with a healthy understanding of how FAM can serve your clientele, who is best suited for this practice, concrete statistics on contraceptive effectiveness and documentation to share on the job. Perfect for MD’s, ND’s, acupuncturists, midwives, nurses, PA’s and other healthcare practitioners.

Contraception Options
This 2 hour lecture and presentation offers a holistic exploration of birth control options available today. We will explore the pros and cons of various options, the health and emotional consequences, the costs, the availability and much more…

Preparing for Conception
Offered as a delightful and nurturing weekend workshop, Sarah and her team of fertility specialists will guide you on your journey to prepare physically, mentally, & emotionally for pregnancy & breastfeeding. You will be held with reverence and respect for the job at hand, receive numerous tools and tips and leave feeling refreshed, inspired and prepared. This weekend is appropriate for women hoping/trying/planning to conceive, whether experiencing the challenges of an infertility diagnosis or simply seeking optimal preparation for the journey.

Healthy Happy Hormones
Offered as either an evening lecture or a weekend workshop, ‘HHH’ classes are overflowing with ideas. Included in the evening lecture are simple and action oriented lifestyle and dietary recommendations for supporting a healthy endocrine system. For a more complete experience for those needing to ‘up-level their hormonal health, come for a full weekend of inspiration with Sarah and her colleagues. The weekend will also include kitchen tours, environmental concerns and somatic practices as well as information and guidelines for transitioning off the Pill.

Coming Off the Pill (and other hormonal contraceptives)
Women are fed up with losing their health and fertility, their bodies and their happiness, to pharmaceutical contraceptives. This informative class will explain how the pill and other hormonal contraceptives are affecting our health, how to gracefully transition to other forms of contraception and get your body and cycles back into optimal health and function.

Health in the Hearth
This class is a live, hands on tour of a home set up with optimal health in mind. We will discuss how to transition to a chemical-free and eco-friendly home, to improve food and water systems for greater efficiency, create sleep sanctuaries, lower EMF exposure, and perform your own environmental assessment for a clean and clear work and home. Care will be taken to address environmental, health and financial aspects of all the above topics.