I offer the following lectures regarding contraception. These are most often presented at gatherings at which I am teaching or private venues or in on-line class series format. They will however, soon be available via video as well.

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During a class series or intensive we begin by covering the history of Fertility Awareness methods and the variations of methods that are currently available.

We discuss the specific practice differences in these method variations and the effectiveness that they each have for contraceptive purposes, including sharing studies and statistics relative to the method taught by Sarah.

We also delve into the cultural and collective stories and myths about cycle tracking that abound. We discuss the male and female reproductive anatomy and physiology and quite a bit of time is spent on the female hormonal system.

I feel it is imperative that one understands the basics of the endocrine system before learning the method as this depth of understanding proves to make the practice more reliable and sustainable for many practitioners.

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We go over cycle variations that my present for different people, the phases of the cycle and the key terminology necessary for doing the practice. From there we delve into the 3 primary bio-markers of fertility that we will be following, cervical fluid, cervical changes and temperature, followed by a brief discussion on the secondary signs of fertility. I then share with you the rules of the method for contraception and the details of how to chart. We look at practice charts and discuss variations and exceptions to the norm. We discuss the key indicators on a chart that are necessary for conception to occur and optimal timing for conception. I then offer a deeper look at hormonal imbalances and how to work with them. We will discuss nutrition and lifestyle options for hormonal health and I refer students to other practitioners when necessary. We go through the various phases of the reproductive years (and beyond) and discuss basic ways to support our health and well being during those times.

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The series is great for those wanting to use the Cycle mapping practice throughout their reproductive years for self-awareness, empowerment, gauging gynecological health and all the various gifts it provides. It is especially appropriate for those wanting a natural method of contraception. For those seeking specific knowledge on consciously conceiving their child without plans to use the practice for other purposes in the future, the course will provide what you need and a lot more. You may also choose to have a private consult, especially if you are facing challenges with your conception journey. A private consult will provide more focus on your specific needs and personal situation.

The Cycle Mapping method taught in the Body Literacy series is a life-long tool and requires an initial commitment to learning but once practiced is a simple and quick day to day act. I liken it to the daily commitment of brushing ones teeth. The cost of this class includes charts. Attending ALL the classes is KEY the success of the method.  

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Artist: Ashley Marnich

Artist: Ashley Marnich

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Natural Birth Control

(soon available)

This 2 hour lecture and presentation offers a holistic exploration of birth control options available today. We will explore the pros and cons of various options, the health and emotional consequences, the costs, the availability and much more…

Coming Off the Pill (and other hormonal contraceptives)

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Many women find themselves frustrated with losing their health and fertility, their bodies and their happiness, to pharmaceutical contraceptives. This informative class will explain how the pill and other hormonal contraceptives are affecting our health, how to gracefully transition to other forms of contraception and get your body and cycles back into optimal health and function.

This two-part (2 hour) lecture offers a holistic, scientifically based (yet not completely un-biased) presentation on various contraceptive options available. It includes practicalities such as effectiveness ratings and cost of methods as well as pros and cons of use but also looks at the methods from the perspective of optimal health, the environment and functional medicine approaches.

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