I am passionate about working with healthcare providers, encouraging a model of women’s healthcare that revolves around education, empowerment and collaboration. I teach for several private schools and institutions annually and am available for lectures and consulting when possible. The following lecture, ‘Clinical Applications of Fertility Awareness Based Methods’ was developed specifically to bring healthcare workers up to date on what evidence-based cycle tracking methods are currently available and how to understand the complex variations. You may purchase a copy of this lecture on video or contact me about coming to your facility or institution to share more.

Due to increasing requests and demands I am also currently at work designing an ‘Advanced level’ teacher training program to certify healthcare practitioners to teach Cycle Mapping practices. Please inquire or stay tuned for more information.

Clinical Applications of the Fertility Awareness Method

for health care practitioners

1.5 hour lecture including power-point plus discussion

Fertility Awareness Based Methods for tracking bio-markers of fertility and gauging hormonal health have too long been misunderstood and associated with ineffective, simplistic and/or religious models of family planning.  This lecture is designed to educate healthcare practitioners about the current climate of fertility awareness, a self-care practice that benefits both practitioners and clients immensely. Come and learn how this charting practice can profoundly change a woman’s understanding of her body, her health care choices and her relationship to her fertility.  As healthcare practitioners you will learn to use this valuable tool for collaborating with women to meet their fertility, health and family planning needs, decreasing use of exogenous hormones, more easily diagnose endocrine pathologies and be witness to a profound empowerment in your clients.

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Estradiol under a microscope ~ Image credit: micro.magnet.fsu.edu

Student Objectives

  • Understand the key differences between the currently available methodologies for learning a Fertility Awareness Based Method

  • Learn to navigate the complex terrain of contraceptive effectiveness ratings for evidence-based FABM practices.

  • Understand more deeply the cultural and personal obstacles to integration of this material as a basic self-care tool for girls and women in your practice.

  • Learn what diagnostic tools are available from chart interpretation, utilizing case studies to do so.

  • Learn to time labs and other diagnostic tests appropriately with a woman’s variable cycles.

  • Discover tools to dramatically increase the speed and success of conception by interpreting subtle cycle signs and utilizing optimal intercourse timing

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Coming Off the Pill (and other hormonal contraceptives)

Many women find themselves frustrated with losing their health and fertility, their bodies and their happiness, to pharmaceutical contraceptives. This informative class will explain how the pill and other hormonal contraceptives are affecting our health, how to gracefully transition to other forms of contraception and get your body and cycles back into optimal health and function.

This two-part (2 hour) lecture offers a holistic, scientifically based (yet not completely un-biased) presentation on various contraceptive options available. It includes practicalities such as effectiveness ratings and cost of methods as well as pros and cons of use but also looks at the methods from the perspective of optimal health, the environment and functional medicine approaches.

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