These women have my personal recommendation as graduates of my Teacher Training Program.  Please contact them individually to inquire for specific rates. (listed in alphabetical order not by location or skill level)

Ashley Hartman Annis
Madison, WI • 563-349-9084
Working towards a world in which everyone has access to unbiased, comprehensive education & support around sexuality, fertility, menstruation, birth control, pregnancy, labor, birth, abortion, miscarriage, adoption, & postpartum.

AC Fertility Awareness
Anna Churchill, FAE, RHE
Boston Metro Area
617-899-7624 • 
Offering FAM classes and private consultations in person in the Boston Metro area.  Private consultations outside of the Boston Metro Area are also available online or by phone. 

Amber Dawn Hallet
Amber Dawn Hallet, BA, FAE, RHE, LMP, ATMAT
Seattle, WA & San Francisco, CA
206.940.8502 • 
Amber is devoted to helping women connect with their bodies and reclaim their cycles.  She offers online classes, in-person workshops, private consultations, womb-centric bodywork, and public talks to educate women about their menstrual cycles for body literacy, conception and eco-birth control.  Based in Seattle, she also makes frequent trips to the Bay Area and offers workshops in both locations.

BellyWomb Botanicals
Audrey Post
Carbondale, CO
Audrey offers Holistic Cycle Support sessions for charters and non-charters alike. She works within the Wise Woman healing tradition to help women remember their own timeless wisdom through a deeper understanding of their female body and how it relates to their fertility, sexuality, creativity, spirituality and personal power. A yoga teacher, massage therapist with training in Maya Abdominal Massage, and an herbalist with a BA in Holistic Health and Personal Development, Audrey draws from a diverse background of knowledge to support each individual client wherever she is at. She offers online consults, in person workshops and retreats, as well as online classes for: pre-conception planning, herbal contraceptive allies, feminine life design; holistic hormonal balancing, and learning FAM. 

Birth and Fertility
Joanna Howard, FAE and Birth Doula
Teaching Locally and Online. Based in Ontario Canada.

Cycle Wise
Caitlin McMurtry, CFAE
Humboldt County, CA
707-616-4820 •
Caitlin loves to help women get excited and curious about their wondrous bodies. Her goal is to guide women to become experts of their own reproductive health so they can live with freedom, confidence, and self-sufficiency. Caitlin uses fun activities, games, and visuals to make learning enjoyable and effective. Group and one-on-one classes available, plus private consultations, in person or via Skype. Services are open to all, with sliding scale options. 

Dawn Brindle
Dawn M. Brindle, BA, FAE, RHE
Kansas City Metro
913.815.0015 • 
As a result of personal experience and throrough training, Dawn is uniquely prepared to guide women on a path to self-discovery and empowerment to live their healthiest lives. In-person classes, webinars and individual consultations are offered to meet the needs of women seeking natural birth control, those who are focused on conscious conception and all women seeking to attune to their body, regardless of where they are in the journey of life.  Open to all, partners welcome. Classes held in the Shawee area.

Fertile Ground
Dyami Nason-Regan
High Falls, New York

Holistic Hormonal Health
Hannah Ransom, FAE, RHE, BS (Nutrition)
619-818-7601 •
Offering holistic fertility awareness education with a focus on nutrition and the mind/body connection in a workshop package that includes a private consultation. Private holistic fertility awareness consultations are also available.

Tamara Rubin
Tamara Rubin, BA, FAE, RHE
New York, NY 
917-833-8859 •
Tamara is a passionate advocate for women and reproductive health and wellness for all.  She teaches the sympto-thermal fertility awareness method in classes and private consults, in person or online. She teaches all ages how to chart their cycles as a gauge of overall health, a method of contraception, or an aid to conception. In addition, she  holds classes and consults specifically for postpartum women and women over 35.

O'Nell Starkey, FAE, RHE
Sebastapol, CA
(707) 535-9309

Awaken Your Power
Laura Styler
Encinitas, CA

Fearless Fertility, LLC
Grace Uomoto, RN, BSN, CFAE
Seattle, WA • 206-486-6358
Grace's passion is educating women to reconnect with their cycles for vibrant reproductive and sexual health. As a nurse she deeply respects the importance of supporting women to make informed health care decisions. Grace would be honored to serve you whether you are seeking to consciously achieve or avoid pregnancy, heal reproductive health issues, regain hormonal balance or feed your curiosity. She offers one-on-one consultation in person and through online video platforms. She offers workshops on Fertility Awareness and Hormonal Health in the Seattle area and looks forward to offering them online in the future. Please check out her website for more information and awesome free content.

Mira Weil 
Mira Weil, FAE, RHE or
Katinka Locascio
Long Island City, Queens (NYC)
Instagram: @appleseedfertility and @earthskylic
Offers the Sympto-Thermal Method of Fertility Awareness both online and in-person
Katinka has been charting her cycles since 2002 when she took her first class on FAM with Katie Singer, author of the Garden of Fertility. She spent a year apprenticing with Katie thereafter, and was amazed how much there was to learn about her cycles. She has dedicated the last 15 years to studying the healing arts, including the Arivgo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy®, osteopathic manual therapy and recently became a certified as a Fertility Awareness Educator through Grace of the Moon. She now runs Earth + Sky Healing Arts, a wellness space in LIC, Queens, and in her practice focuses on reproductive health and fertility, as well as lecturing and teaching FAM. She's a mom of two FAM babies, Celeste and Galileo. She loves her WINK thermometer and talking about charting with friends and colleagues.
Rosemary Roberts, FAE, S/RHE, ICCE, CLE, MSc
Greater Sacramento Area, CA • 971-237-3821 /
Rosemary offers holistic education & support for the reproductive continuum - Group classes and private consultations on the fertility awareness method, sexual & reproductive health, childbirth preparation, and lactation support. In-person in Sacramento & Davis, CA, or online from wherever you are. Her classes and consultations are open and affirming to all, inclusive of sexual orientations, gender identities & family structures. 

Valentina Reig Neme
Mexico City (open to teach online, disposed to travel for teaching) • 552.967.5207
Facebook: and @anticoncepcionnatural
Valentina Reig Neme is a Fertility Awareness, Sexual and Hormonal Health Educator, her passion is to educate and empower women through teaching them how their body works so that they can flow with their natural rhythms and take their sexual, hormonal and reproductive health into their own hands. One of her main purposes is to spread this knowledge in the hispanic community, specially in Mexico, where she lives.  
Valentina Reig Neme es Educadora de Salud Sexual, Hormonal y Anticoncepción Natural. Su vocación es educar y enseñarle a las mujeres cómo funciona su cuerpo con el fin de que éstas puedan fluir con sus ritmos naturales y tomar en sus manos su salud reproductiva, hormonal y sexual. Una de sus principales motivaciones es difundir este conocimiento en el mundo de habla hispana, principalmente en México, donde vive actualmente.
Rosalie Grace
Nevada City, CA and surrounding area 530-277-9467
Instagram: @rosalie.amber.grace
Rosalie Grace is a Fertility Awareness Educator, song carrier, and full spectrum doula. Trained in herbal medicine and wilderness leadership, she is a weaver of earth-based wisdom and feminine embodiment. She provides group and individual sessions on empowered contraception, hormonal health and womb wellness as well as custom support for the rites of passages of womanhood.

These women are currently students in the teacher training program, offering classes as supervised interns. Their services may be offered at a discounted rate and will include supervision from a mentor.  Please contact individually for specific rates.
*not available until early 2019*

Katie Smith, Holistic Reproductive Health Educator & FAE in-training • Southern Oregon and California • • IG @fertilityawareness • Katie is a student of the Grace of the Moon teacher training program, and is passionate about collectively transferring the status quo of the menstrual cycle back to a special source of outward creativity and wisdom. Her focus is aimed towards taking the first steps into teaching body literacy through fertility awareness.

Laura Mar, 305-903-6718 • Tampa, FL

Julie Olbrantz

Beatrice, BSc Nutritional Medicine, Dip. Pharmacy, Reproductive Health Educator Trainee (AFAP) • Cape town, South Africa • Beatrice is a Nutritional Therapist in Cape Town South Africa. She has been practicing nutritional medicine for 10 years and has a background in pharmacy, cooking and teaching. It’s her mission and passion to help people find root causes of imbalances and support them through the journey back to balance and optimal health as well as group courses/seminars. She offers private consultations for all your health needs: from hormone balance to autoimmune diseases and everything in between. Beatrice is currently studying to become a reproductive health and fertility awareness educator, and will be qualified to teach the Sympto-thermal method of Fertility Awareness as a natural contraceptive and conception method in 2019.

Whitney Miley Price, CD, FAE-in-training • Berkeley, CA •

Vendula Sadreddin • Fremont, CA • 415-205-9322