“Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this before? I can’t believe this isn’t taught in school!”

(at least one person at nearly every Body Literacy class I’ve taught)

“Hearing your work and teachings in person catalyzed a continued healing experience within me, reclaiming more of my own body sovereignty and reframing my perceptions around femininity and our culture’s lack of reverence for Her. 

I wanted to share how much I appreciated the way you spoke, with such compassion and strong gentleness, speaking your truth without aggression. This healthy & balanced feminine expression was not modeled for me, and it is a challenge for me to express myself and my unconventional beliefs and knowings in a gentle kind yet solidly embodied way.”

JY, Portland, OR 


“I learned more clinically-relevant information from you than I have so far in my year in medical school.  I can feel how much learning this practice will change my life and the lives of my future patients.” RP, Portland, OR


“ I so appreciate the space you allow for all of us to be exactly where we are at, focused or chaotic, healthy or feeling ill, going through big transitions and rollercoasters in our day to day and season to season. You really embody and model authenticity in this regard for all of us while also honoring the structure of our time and schedule. I have so much admiration and respect for the way you hold these boundaries. There a great many teachers in the world (and I have studied with a few) but not all of them master this ability to hold a container while still allowing the organic ebb and flow within it. It is inspiring and I hope to continue to learn by your example. Thank you so much for being our leader.” Teacher Training Student  A.G. California

“If you haven't made the Fertility Awareness intensive a priority, you need to. I learned so much in a fun and interesting way that I am going to be taking it again next year to focus on using the material for others (the first time was for me). I fervently believe this information is crucial to all people with vaginas. I feel like I understand myself better, I have an opportunity to engage in a different kind of relationship with myself and this class is what gave me much of the tools or language to do that with. I wish more of this information was taught back in "sex ed" because we deserve to know how to be with ourselves and honor the moon cycle. Whether taking this class for contraception, conception, self-awareness or for clinical use you'll find something in this method for you.”  D.R. New Mexico

“I have been through so many lectures of this material as i love studying these systems, and what you just shared was such a beautiful, succinct, accessible summation of these systems so clean and clear and well-put! THANK YOU for that gift!  What a beautiful knowledge bundle to receive!” J.G. Belize


“The information you shared, the perspective of simplifying self care by aligning with natural cycles, and the way you embodied a comfortable grounded confidence in this knowledge gave me more confidence in my own body's capacities to know what is good for me. Thank you so much for that!” S.B. Ashland, OR


“Dear Sarah, I previously took your fertility awareness course online and I had one private session with you. I just wanted to tell you that we're expecting and we have you to thank for that! I've been tracking for over 20 cycles and this one we decided to finally give it a go and try conceiving rather than avoiding and it worked:) We're so excited!  Thank you so much for your help!   As you may remember, I used to have shortish luteal phases (around 9 days) and lots of spotting prior to my period (often 4-5 days) before I worked with you. After implementing some of your advice by starting oral vitamin b supplements and gaining about 5 pounds my cycles improved a great deal- my luteal phases became 11-13 days long with only one day of spotting very occasionally the day before my period and often no spotting at all."  

~ E.F. Canada

“My husband and I have been successfully using FAM as birth control ever since we took Sarah's seminar 43 cycles ago. It was easy to pick up, and the first time we tried to get pregnant, we did! I knew right away I was pregnant from all the changes in my symptoms comparing to charting all the other cycles. In addition, it was nice when 17 consecutive high BBTs came around, we had no doubt I was pregnant, instead of taking 5 pregnancy tests to confirm and re-confirm the often faulty sticks. We love what FAM has done for our lifestyle and confidence in our sex life!" 

~ L.D., San Francisco, CA

"I couldn't emphasize enough how liberating it has been for me to track my fertility. FAM has alleviated the anxiety I used to experience every month that my diaphragm could have failed.  If I choose to have sex during an unsafe time, I double up my barrier methods.  The rest of the time the condoms and diaphragm stay in the closet.  Besides the sense of empowerment it has given me to have more control over my fertility, it has also given me a better connection with myself.  Charting my temperature has shown me how my hormones are shifting, helping me to anticipate when I'll likely be more sensitive and to be more gentle with myself during these times.  I LOVE it! I loved how Sarah taught it in a way that was scientific while being very easy to understand. It was probably the most valuable day long class I've ever taken. "

~ L.K., Ashland, OR 

"I LOVED YOUR CLASS!!!  I found your presentation very easy to follow... Your class was worth every penny and it's the kind of chemical-free birth control that'll last a life time." 

~ Anonymous

"The information that I received during Sarah's FAM class was simple yet revolutionary. Using this knowledge I was able to successfully track my signs of ovulation which allowed my husband and I to conceive very soon after our first try. We thank-you Sarah!" 

~ FB, Santa Cruz, CA

“My husband and I took the FAM class with Sarah several years ago and really enjoyed the energy that Sarah brought to the class.  I left the class very inspired and empowered to get to know my body and my cycles more intimately, as well as use the method in my relationship.  It was shocking to me that this class wasn't being taught at every high school as a means of self-awareness.  Since the class, we have practiced FAM both for successful birth control and for conception of our son." 

~ C.L., Grants Pass, OR   

"I am still using FAM, for self awareness and birth control, coming up on five years now. I love looking back over my old charts, remembering what life was like. As if reading a journal." 

~ A.C. Portland, OR

"I can't believe how much fun this is!  I guess after being on the pill for so many years it never occurred to me that my body is meant to do all this.  And amazingly thrilling when it does. " 

~ K.C. Portland, OR

"Sarah Bly has not only taught me a method, she has taught me how to reclaim my body wisdom. Through her guidance, i am more in touch, in tune, and in love with my sacred cycle then ever before. I feel that every womban, of every age should have access to these necessary teachings! What a different world we would live in, if womban and girls were empowered through their bodies processes rather then feeling helpless and shamed. I highly recommend working with and learning from Sarah, for she is a wise womban gem! Her style of teaching is super approachable, comfortable, and friendly! I look forward to continued education and helping to bring Fertility Awareness Method to the forefront. Learning FAM and other natural hormone remedies with Sarah has been a life-changer for me, and i am forever grateful!! "      

~ Alila Grace, founder of Mahina Cup. Sacred Cycle

"Dear Sarah, I wanted to let you know that your FAM method worked like a CHARM!  When we were ready to start trying to get pregnant, I had already been charting.  We pretty much got pregnant on 'the first shot'!  Sooooo amazing!  Our son was born last June and we are happy as clams!  Thank you so much for teaching us about FAM!"

~ P.R., San Jose, CA

"I wanted to thank you so much for teaching that class and making that information available, it really has changed my life in numerous wonderful ways.  I couldn't be more excited about charting and by putting into practice all the things i've been learning..."

~ K.S., Ashland, OR

".....learning about all these amazing things has made me realize that I have some pretty negative views of my body and sexuality, like being scared there's something wrong with me.... I want to learn ways to be proud of my body and sexuality and love it, honor it, connect with it.  This all has been such a huge thing for me lately, and I'm pretty sure learning FAM has shown me the ways I ache and some wounds I didn't even know I had. But I am grateful, very grateful because my eyes and my heart are opening. I feel these wounds are beautiful, and shared by so many and can teach us much."

~ S.L., Austin, TX

"Thanks so much for holding this webinar. I've been wanting to learn about my cycle for so long and FINALLY... I am on the track to becoming totally in tune with my cycle. What a great feeling that is. I really appreciate that you're passionate about teaching other women. I feel the way you delivered all the information was well in order and easy to follow. You're a great teacher. It was a pleasure to take a course with a woman who's passionate and see how easy the info flowed from you."

~ E.B., Vancouver, Canada

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