This four day retreat will be the first of a bi-annual opportunity to join Sarah and Victoria for a very potent experience in the wilderness of Southern Oregon. Below you will find details for the upcoming October event. Please feel free to email either of us for more information!

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Reclaiming Power Lost

Our time together is designed to allow a full life review of where we have given away our power and where we have, or are ready to claim our leadership within the woman's nation. We have calibrated our systems to an ill society. By stepping away and using nature as our source we gain access to the full capacity of strength, well being and insight available.  

As more women naturally come out of a patriarchal influence and into a solid feminine way of being on the planet it is time to poise ourselves and strengthen our core to prepare for the path ahead. We as women gave birth to the humanity of this planet and now we must rise, gather, cleanse and collectively support each other to take care of the people we have placed here.

We believe many of us share a collective trauma from generations past where women were silenced and killed at the very point they reached their pinnacle of power. Perhaps we are ready to re-initiate to what we held then. We believe it’s time to heal the collective burden that hinders the powerful, sexual beings we are.
We will return to the potent transitions of our lives and our sex, we will collect parts and pieces lost, we will examine how we were shaped in relation to our female bodies in this culture, to our given roles and to the understanding of ‘feminine’ within us.

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Though we will be traversing rites specific to female anatomy and physiology this program is open to people assigned female at birth as well as those who identify as female


$485.00 per person.  4 1/2 days. Includes dinners. Payment plans available ($75.00/ month) with a non refundable $200.00 deposit.  Payment in full is due TWO weeks before program begins. LIMITED TO 12.

Daily flow

Our daily activities will revolve around the following:

  • Solo and group ceremony

  • Medicine Walks

  • Free writing

  • Silence

  • Authentic Movement

  • Listening practices and Sensitivity Training

  • Council and the threshold circle

  • The Lost Teachings of our fertile bodies


Dinners will be provided. All food will be nutrient dense and organic, with meat and vegetarian options. Attendees must provide their own breakfasts and lunches. A community kitchen will be available.

interfacing with the great outdoors

We will be camping in a remote location in Eastern Oregon. You will be responsible to get to the campground on your own accord, directions will be provided. We will sleep outside, in tents, thus you will need to provide your own tent and sleeping bad/pad. We will be able to assist you in renting or borrowing these if necessary. If these arrangements pose a problem please let us know. The site where we will be has very primitive hot springs. They are clothing optional and quite hot. Hart Mountain is a National Wildlife Refuge and in home to over 300 species of wildlife- so expect some beautiful sitings while you are there! Sarah is a Wilderness First Responder and we will have one other attendee with medical skills as well. We will carry basic first aide kits in case the necessity arises. There is also a ranger station on site. We do not suggest however, that you join this retreat if you have any serious health conditions that may put you at high risk of needing immediate healthcare. Our time together will include solo hikes into the woods. These journeys will be completely self-paced and no expectations as to speed or distance are involved. We will also be doing some simple movements and exercises intended for a diversely able group. If you have concerns regarding any of this please let us know!


Healing, feeling, grieving, listening, getting current, getting clear, claiming sovereignty and power as women and as leaders in a time we are so needed.


Victoria Markham:

Victoria is a global powerhouse on a mission to redesign the way we view grief and heal trauma in the American culture. Drawing on resources from original cultures, personal experience and study in the fields of trauma, somatics and eco-psychology she brings fresh perspective to those who are walking the lifelong path of healing. Her experiences as a Wisdom teacher, life consultant, transitional mentor, revolutionary, writer and public speaker have led her to understand how to reinforce the souls healing resources.

Sarah Bly:

Originally trained as a midwife and currently practicing as a Sexual Health Educator, Sarah has dedicated her work and personal path to fostering in herself and others a deeper sensitivity to how sexual and creative energy moves through us and how to follow the terrain and implicit nature of the body towards stronger health and resilience. She has served as a wilderness educator, dance facilitator and community organizer, facilitating numerous rites of passage, events and experiences that thread us more tightly together with the brilliant cycles of nature.