Sarah and many of her graduates are available to work within public/private/home-school settings offering body literacy education to classes and groups of youth across the gender spectrum. Sarah offers ‘The Cycle Show’ in and around Ashland and is available for travel on the west coast and beyond. Sarah is also currently developing the curriculum for a course for students that incorporates mindfulness practices and nature based learning alongside Body Literacy education.

The Cycle Show

The cycle show is an interactive ‘play’ designed to celebrate and educate about the female cycle. Together we will create a giant model of the female reproductive and sexual anatomy, which we will then use to walk through the physiology and phases of the cycle, as well as the corresponding emotional and psychological aspects that are common to cycling people. Participants will receive an opportunity to embody the experience of these hormones and phases and more deeply integrate them in their lives. This is basic A&P taken to a new level…and ripe with fun and understanding.

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