Teacher Training Program

I offer one of only a handful of training programs designed to certify practitioners as “Fertility Awareness Educators” (FAE) and Holistic “Sexual and Reproductive Health Educators” (SHE). This program is for those of you who are experienced in Fertility Awareness that feel strongly that you would like to offer this practice and a greater body of women’s wisdom in a professional setting. It is an excellent match for those already in the healthcare field that would like to add this skillset to theirs, but is open for application to anyone with a passion for the material. It is an in-depth two year program that occurs primarily on-line, therefore offering access to women from any location. If you would like to be on the mailing list to hear announcements about the program and application period, please register below. But first, please read on and learn more about the program!

The program is based in the following core beliefs

  • Sovereign Women: We have the potential to be the experts of our own bodies and be a equal partner in our healthcare.  This requires developing (or remembering) how to listen to our bodies and to nature, and learning how to trust them to guide us.   

  • Collaborative education: We are all teachers and we are all students.  We educate each other by stepping forth with our personal and professional life experiences and wisdom.  

  • Emotional intelligence: This educational journey welcomes you to bring all of yourself.  Over the two years of studies, you will be supported and encouraged to traverse not only an intellectual and professional journey but also an emotional and spiritual one if so desired.

  • Cultural diversity: Each group is mindfully chosen to include participants from varying cultural, ethnic, economic and lifestyle backgrounds so our understanding of life can grow from exposure to difference.

  • Activism: The program encourages environmental and social justice activism as a way to create change towards a healthier life for all

  • Access: Scholarships and Payment plans are available to create access for women of varying economic status

Page Contents

  1. Announcements and Updates

  2. Application/Acceptance Schedule (repeats annually)

  3. Program Description

  4. Character of the Program

  5. Course Requirements and Pre-requisites

  6. Preparations

  7. Frequently Asked Questions

  8. The application (which includes links to Q&A sessions and interviews.

Current status of the program  

  • As of 2018, a new round of the Teacher Training Program will begin every year!  
    (instead of every two years as it has been in the past)

  • Inquiries are accepted year-round and those interested will be added to the mailing list.  

  • I send announcements about applications and other program details via newsletter as well as posting on my Facebook business page.   

  • The application period for each new round begins in June, the summer prior to the start of each round of the program.  

  • Preparations begin in the fall and classes begin at the start of a new year.  

Announcements!! 2019

  • Both the cost and the scholarships available have increased significantly for the 2020-2021 round of the program.  Accessibility is STILL primary to the program. Note details below.

  • The other change to the curriculum is the addition of another intensive in Ashland, Oregon, USA during the first year.  Details below.

    Teacher Training Program Application

    and Enrollment Schedule

June 5th: application period opens, applications available on my website and link sent via email.  
June 12th 5-6pm PST and July 1st 9-10am PST: On-line informational sessions
July 5th: Applications and application fee due, at my home office, via post. 
July:  Interviews take place, schedule will be available on-line to those who qualify.
Mid-August: acceptance and denial letters sent via email  
Late August: enrollment contracts and financial aide offerings sent
September 9th: enrollment confirmation and deposits due
Mid-September: Welcome packets sent
October: course preparations
November: Introduction Meeting and Module one assignments sent
January: Weekly classes begin

Program Description

Who this program is for:  
Those desiring a thorough and holistic education to become a certified Reproductive and Sexual Health Educator and a Fertility Awareness Educator (FAE).   

The Two Year Teacher Training program will provide the educational foundation and material mastery for creating and sustaining a women’s health education and consulting practice.  Specifically, a certified FAE/RHE will be prepared to offer the following to their clientele:

  • A deep understanding of the inter-relationship of the endocrine system to the greater female physiology

  • An understanding of the relationship of our bodies/health to the natural world

  • Body literacy education and extensive self-monitoring tools and self-care skills

  • The skills to track cycle and overall health and body patterns via the ‘Cycle Mapping’ Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) taught by Sarah. 

  • Use of Cycle Mapping for self awareness, contraception and conception

  • Use of Cycle Mapping for gauging gynecological health throughout the reproductive years and beyond

  • Support and counsel around basic diet and lifestyle practices that uphold hormonal health

  • Support, advocacy and protocols for dealing with reproductive/sexual health imbalances and pathology

  • Support around conscious sexuality 

  • Support and advocacy for pregnancy options/outcomes   

    *Please note that a more in depth list of competencies as seen by our professional organization are available here

    *Please also note that an FAE/RHE is an educator, not a medical doctor and will not be using her skills for diagnosing or treating illness.

    A certified FAE/RHE will also receive the following skills

  • Support in compiling/creating the resources needed for running a practice; including hand-outs, documents, charts, visual aides, and other organizational materials

  • Basic professional skills and logistical tips for running a business

  • Basic counseling skills necessary for working with women in this capacity

  • Certification from ‘The Well Body School of Body Literacy’ (formerly GraceOfTheMoon)

  • Title recognition, certification as an FAE and access to membership and website listing with our professional organization, AFAP. (Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals)*

*AFAP is the only international network of non-religious based Fertility Awareness Professionals.  It is the evolution of the Fertility Awareness Network (FAN) and FA Center, which were founded in 1981 by Barbara Feldman and more recently run by a board of directors and administrator Ilene Richman.  AFAP provides FA professionals the opportunity to stay connected as a part of a professional community, share information, research and case studies, serve our profession with committee work and take part in continued education opportunities.  

Cost: (NEW INFO FOR 2020)

2020-2021 Tuition for the two year TTP program: $6900. 
*Scholarships and payment plans are available.  Please see FAQ's* 

  • Does not include required text books (which are minimal)

  • Does not include travel expenses (flights/lodging) for two one-week long Ashland intensives.

  • DOES include all required classes/lectures during the Ashland intensive.

  • Does not include fees to internship mentor in year two ($400USD) which are earned while teaching your practice class thus are NOT an actual expense.

Please note, in 2020 I have made a more significant increase to the tuition but am simultaneously making a significant increase to the scholarship funds available.  No matter your financial situation, if your passion and desire is strong, please apply.  Generous scholarships, trades and payment plans are available. Travel expenses may also be reduced with financial aide.

Program format

Year One: Completion of six training modules.  5 day Wilderness Retreat in Southern Oregon 

        Modules each include: 

  • Module outline and goals

  • Reading, video and research assignments

  • Student Presentation Options

  • Hand out Assignments

  • Study Questions 

  • Booklist and Resource List

  • Guest Teacher Schedule

  • Class schedule and private consult schedule

        Module Requirements: 

  • Attend weekly class (3 hours/week for six of every eight weeks)

  • Complete homework assignments (including a power point presentation each module) 

  • Attend one private module review session per season with Sarah (60 minutes)

  • Approximate time commitment= 8-10 hours/week on average.

        Module Topics:

  • The history/politics/metaphors/uses of Cycle Tracking and variations of methods. Women’s studies and Reproductive Justice. Contraceptive method options. Scientific Literacy. Healthcare Models.

  • Endocrine anatomy and physiology. Whole body physiology and interrelations. Menstrual care and products. FA and functional medicine.

  • The Cycle Mapping Practice. Vaginal Microbiome. Cervical Health. STI’s. Technological charting.

  • The phases of the female life cycle. Applying Body Literacy practices through the years. Self-care during life passages.

  • Gynecological Health/Pathology. Nutrition and lifestyle support. Chart assessment skills.

  • Integrating Complementary Healthcare practices. Basic Counseling Skills. Professionalism, Collaborative care and practicing in community.

Wilderness Retreat:

  • During the late spring of your first year of studies we will gather in Southern Oregon for a 4 day wilderness retreat. This is not required but *highly encouraged*.  Lack of attendance will be considered for those students from overseas or with financial hardship.   Dates will be given by the first of the year.

Year Two:   Continued material mastery and Supervised Internship. Classes continue to take place once per week with student led study groups once per month and occasional weeks off.

       Classes include: 

  • Master class: teacher, guest teacher and student lectures with discussion on topics of interest

  • Practice Presentation Class: an opportunity to practice mini-lectures you will be offering during your internship.   

  • Chart reviews/Case Studies: both teacher and student led

  • Study Group: student led classes on topics of interest, one each month

      Ashland Intensive:

  • All students are invited to attend a one week intensive in Ashland, Oregon, USA.  The intensive occurs in May of the second year of studies and is required for graduation.  This is a weeklong gathering with morning and afternoon sessions and training opportunities with local professionals in related fields. 

  • Lodging and travel are not included in tuition though assistance may be available for those in need.  Guest lectures and all sessions are included in general tuition. 


  • When prepared to do so, students will begin the internship phase of the program. The internship includes:

    • Teaching a series of classes in your community, video recorded and mentored by a senior teacher as well as the program facilitator.

    • Supervised private consults- as per graduation requirements

    • Activism Project: designed by student and overseen by facilitator, a chance to serve in your community. 

    • Private meetings with instructor (1-2/month) as needed to assess internship projects

    • Preparation and finalization of teaching materials needed for professional practice

    • Graduation and certification!


  • One 3 hour class per week with occasional breaks. 

  •  In person intensive in Ashland, OR each year. Dates TBA

  • Private sessions with teacher as needed.   

Character of the Program

The WellBody Institute (formerly GOTM) seeks to train educators who serve their clients in becoming more embodied, empowered and proactive in their health care. We seek to serve a diverse population of women, offering comprehensive education, self-care tools, advocacy and support during their reproductive years and beyond.  The training program teaches use of a cycle charting practice as the foundational tool for this larger scope of self-awareness and health care education, but involves a plethora of other practices embedded in the Body Literacy backdrop. The program incorporates many facets of women’s reproductive and sexual health education, including women’s empowerment, conscious sexuality, lifestyle and nutrition studies, environmental awareness, patient advocacy and referral skills to offer clients assistance in maintaining health and balance in their reproductive years.  
The program is designed to be a collaborative, holistic, full-spectrum education in the field of Sexual Health and Fertility Awareness.  It has been created as such in hopes of maximizing the students’ exposure to the diverse perspectives held by other students, teachers and styles.  Though the program offers a set of guidelines for a cycle charting practice as created by ‘The WellBody Institute’ and in accordance with evidence based studies of the method,  the program also gives students an objective look at the various ways of practicing self-awareness and other FABM and lets each student find their own truth and resonance within the whole.  
The first year of the program is run on a spacious but routine schedule, which provides this close knit group to navigate the material together while leaving plentiful time to meet the requirements with ease in their potentially busy lives.  Sitting in classes and study groups together, face to face yet on-line (thanks to the ZOOM platform), choosing and dividing research amongst the students, we will share the path of learning, gaining from one another’s expertise, personal experiences and opinions while also witnessing the educational choices each is making.  This will serve to expand the amount of input and collective research possible by having many minds working together.  Another benefit of this educational style is the opportunity to grow and deepen one’s own personal truth while avoiding a dogmatic approach, thus retaining tolerance for others’ ideas and beliefs…
Our curriculum takes a holistic stance on the practices taught, focusing on the empowerment they offer and the deep self-awareness and intimacy created.   The Cycle Mapping practice and the specific tools of contraception and conscious conception are thus not as the mainstay of the practice but rather the natural consequence of this developing connection to one’s self, one’s body and the expansive educated mind.  We will be incorporating the psychological aspects into a foundation built on both the science and interpersonal powers of this work. 
The program offers a thorough, scientific and evidence based education and a solid, strong and well-rounded foundation for which students can build from to become experts in the particular avenues within the field they feel most drawn to follow.  As the facilitator of the program, I hope to create a budding community of FAE/SHE Educators that are up to date and well read in their field, politically aware and active, and that have the tools to create the change they wish to see.  I imagine teachers who are living, loving examples of empowerment and sovereignty, modeling this strength and exquisite freedom to their peers and students.  I imagine these women walking away from the program with confidence in their ability to interact with other professionals, health care providers and colleagues, yet with respect of their differences.  I see them holding a powerful yet humble trust in the material, which is gained from the embodiment of the practices as much as it is from the academic work.  I see this program birthing women who will go on to have great impact on the future of women's health in their particular culture; offering tools for the next evolution of ‘sexual liberation’.  Together we are creating a new story that does not hinge on chemicals and procedures, but on connection and trust in one’s biology and a knowing of the perfection of our bodies and the earth that sustains them.  These educators will be leaders in a shifting paradigm that guides people back to being the experts of their own bodies and living in connection to the rhythms of nature. 
I see these same women ready and willing to go beyond offering basic sex education and advancing in time to serve a wide range of populations, including girls just entering their womanhood, women on their way out of their fertile years, those needing support in the foundations of their reproductive system and health, those challenged to conceive and those seeking pre-conception counseling.  I see these same teachers as leaders politically in the field of sexual education, being advocates for increased personal awareness in schools, institutions and health care facilities... I see them as advocates also in the field of environmental health and reproductive justice, making health education available to all, regardless of gender or sexual identity or religious, economic or marital status.   
Students will continually be encouraged to help co-create a curriculum that will best serve their communities. As a facilitator I will guide each student in finding their strengths, weaknesses and passions and how these will be reflected in their practice.  The model for public offerings will be based on material guidelines but will be shaped to meet the individual and her community. 
The curriculum is deeply rooted in a traditional model of healthcare that is non-linear, intuitive and holistic, yet blended with the best science has to offer.

If these intentions and visions describe a path you see for yourself in this life, please consider joining us.   Thank you for your interest in this wonderful body of material. 

Course Requirements and Pre-requisites

Requirements for application:

  •  At least one year of charting your cycle daily (cervical fluid and basal body temperature)

  •  Attendance at one Fertility Awareness workshop with certified FAE; or equivalent one on one study with an educator 

  •  A college level Anatomy and Physiology course or equivalent self-study (if necessary this can be completed after enrollment but prior to classes beginning)

  • Either academic or personal research in the field of women's studies

  • Either academic or personal research/practice in the field of conscious communication skills

  •  Willingness to participate in weekly on-line classes and to communicate clearly, maturely & honestly with students and teachers.

  •  A completed application

  •  $50 processing fee 

Requirements for enrollment:

  •   Attendance at one of two Q and A sessions in the summer

  •   An interview in person or on-line

  •   Acceptance letter*

  •   Signing of a commitment contract

  •   Signing of a personal contract

  •   Signing of the financial agreement

  •   A $500 non-refundable deposit towards tuition                                                                       

    **Please note that I am not able to accept all those who apply.  I take 12 students each year and usually have many times that number of applicants. 

Preparations for those interested in joining the program
in the future

If you would like to be a part of the training program but are not feeling fully prepared... Or you hope to enroll but have to wait until another round is beginning... here are some tips to help you get on your way.  

Here are my favorite books, bridging several related areas. If you go on to enroll in the program, you'll be way ahead of the game!  
Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler (new 2015 edition)
The Garden of Fertility by Katie Singer
A New View of a Woman’s Body ~Federation of Feminist Women’s Health Centers  (Get it here: http://www.fwhc.org/sale3.htm)
Her Blood is Gold by Lara Owen
Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English
Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sherri Winston
The Pill: Are you sure it’s for you? By Alexandra Pope and Jane Bennet
Our Stolen Future by Theo Colbourne
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon
Full Moon Feast, Jessica Prentice
Healing Wise by Susun Weed
Healthy Parents, Better Babies by Francesca Naish
Women’s Wheel Of Life by Elizabeth Davis

The Adrenal Thyroid Revolution by Aviva Romm
New Menopausal Years, the Wise Woman Way by Susun Weed
The Wisdom of Menopause by Christine Northrup

This is the foundation of the education offered.  Tune in deeper and deeper with your own body and cycle and let it be your teacher.  Chart not only the primary signs but other symptoms, supplements, feelings and sensations.  Dig in and enjoy this precious body you live in.

Spend time with the earth!
There is no better way to learn about your own body, to learn to teach others about their bodies... then to listen to the greater body of our planet.  Pay close attention to the cycles, seasons, the CHANGE that is constant, the subtle voices, the ways in which you can serve.  This will make a difference.  
Find teachers!

Whether on line or in your community, observe classes from others teaching FAM or other related material.  See FA educators in action, take note of different teaching styles, collect information and find what works for you.  Take notes and notice what moves you.  

Do your research!
Find ways to stay current with the latest information in the field.  Try 'google alerts' on topics such as 'Fertility Awareness' 'Hormonal Health' and other topics of your choice.  'Like' my business page on Facebook as well as other organizations dedicated to sharing articles and writings.  Spend a little time each week following threads on things that inspire you in the realm of health and FA.  

Network in your community!
Meet the practitioners in your area that are ‘Body Literacy’ oriented.  Go to free events, meet and greets and find other ways to meet Naturopaths, Acupuncurists, Functional Medicine Doctors, Midwives, Arvigo practitioners and other healers and educators in your community.     

FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I fulfill my Anatomy of Physiology course requirement?

    • Any college level A&P class will work. Many colleges and universities offer online courses, which are more affordable and accessible. You may also be able to audit a class at a local community college. Because college credit is not necessary for this program, you can take any non-credit online courses that covers the western science basics of the human body systems. A few that previous students have used are:

  1. Heart Stone Anatomy and Physiology Online Course:  I am grateful that the teacher of this class has offered a discounted rate for program applicants.

  2. A Western Science Course for the Alternative Practitioner

  • Where can I take a FAM class?

  • Are payment plans available? 

    • YES! Payment plans are designed by the student and payment can be spread out over course of program. The program must be paid in full by the 18th month of the 24-month program.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

    • There is a variable amount of scholarship monies available and the distribution is determined after applications have been received and reviewed.  If you are accepted into the program, and have requested financial assistance, you will be offered specific details on the scholarship available to you when you are offered a position in the fall.  Scholarship gifts are based both on need as well as on creating a diverse student body.  I seek to gather an international group of women representing various income levels and cultural perspectives and thus offer assistance to make the course possible across those divides.  

The Application

Below are links to the documents you'll need to apply for the 2019 program.